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Third Quarter Carrier Award Goes to Loadshark Enterprises Corp. – Brokerage Group

FRISCO, TX. (September 2016) – NT Logistics truly enjoys honoring the core values that are reflected in our carriers – hard work, commitment, and excellent service.  We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers and therefore, seek to work with carriers who strive toward the same level of excellence.  When we see our carriers exceed all expectations and reflect our standard of excellence and dedication, we want to recognize them for their hard work.   

We are pleased to honor one carrier in specific for always going above and beyond the expectations that are set for them.  Loadshark Enterprises Corp is well deserving of this Third Quarter Carrier Award, presented by our Brokerage Group.  Located in Manvel, Texas, Loadshark maintains the same standard of professionalism and service as NT Logistics; our Brokerage Group has greatly benefited from this relationship.  This award was presented to Mr. Mike Morales, who is always willing to do what is needed in order to complete the job.  His commitment to excellent service and dedication wonderfully reflects that of NT.

Jan Pope, VP and General Manager of our Brokerage Group, expressed how pleased she was to honor Mr. Morales and Loadshark.  “Loadshark has added incredible value to our Brokerage Department.  Mike is someone we can always depend on, no matter what.”  She continued to say, “His dedication is a wonderful reflection of both of our companies and this award is our way of acknowledging the commitment we see every day.”   

Thank you again to Mr. Morales and Loadshark Enterprises for continuously exceeding all expectations and for adding incredible value to NT Logistics.