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UNT Capstone Competition

Partnership with the University of North Texas

NT Logistics holds close ties to the University of North Texas (UNT) which is primarily located in Denton, Texas. Our CEO & Founder, Lynn Gravley, graduated from the university in 1987 and has since given back to his alma mater in meaningful ways. In 2013, Lynn became a member of the Logistics Center Board of Directors within the G. Brint Ryan College of Business, joining other industry leaders in guiding the future generation of logistics professionals. The logistics program began in 1997 thanks to the vision of Dr. Ron Hasty, who approached Lynn around 2000 with the idea of placing students with NT Logistics for their internships. Lynn thought this was a great idea, as did many other DFW companies. NT has since opened its doors to several eager UNT students, many of who became full-time employees.

NT has also become involved in a partnership with the logistics program. In collaboration with Dr. Brian Sauser, NT hosts case study competitions for the senior capstone class. The competitions were a great success, so in 2019, NT to pledged a 10-year commitment and $200,000 to this program for spring and fall competitions. Students are presented with real-world obstacles, many of which are inspired by NT’s business interactions. This allows students the opportunity to test their knowledge and receive guidance from talented NT professionals. First, NT visits with the class for an introduction of the competition. The competing students come to NT’s headquarters in Frisco in their groups, and interview staff about their assigned challenge. Afterwards, groups prepare a video presentation which they submit for review. The final presentation is held on campus at UNT where both NT staff and graduate students in the department are involved as judges. Winners are selected and cash prizes are awarded to the hard-working students.

The NT logistics team believes that these students will benefit from the experience of work place challenges and hopes to armor the industry’s future workforce through the UNT logistics department and capstone program. So far, we have seen a great deal of success through our UNT alumni employees and hope to continue fueling positive change.

Left to right: Dr. Terry Pohlen, Lynn Gravley, Dr. Ron Hasty

UNT’s Long-term Relationship with NT Logistics Grows Stronger Through $200,000 Commitment

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