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Freight Broker Business for Logistics Carriers

As a carrier for NT Logistics, gain access to significant amounts of freight at competitive rates. And, because we are a industry leading freight broker business with a background in trucking, you can also expect prompt payment, professional attention, and honesty.

Do You Have What It Takes?

To be considered for assignments as an NT Logistics carrier, you must provide the following:

  • Signed Transportation Agreement
  • Copy of ICC Permit
  • W-9 (Federal ID#)
  • Certificate of insurance naming NT Logistics as Certificate Holder for Auto Liability ($1,000,000) and Cargo coverage ($100,000)
  • Internet connection for web tracking application
  • Email addresses for dispatchers
  • Mobile communications equipment
  • After-hours phone numbers and/or cell phone numbers

The carriers we use also must commit to:

  • Demonstrating consistently superior customer service
  • 99.5% on-time pickup and delivery

For more information on becoming an NT Logistics carrier, fill out our online form, call us at 469.362.5000.

Freight Brokerage Solutions

“We’ve been working as a carrier with NT Logistics since 2014. At that time, I was looking for a company to work with that had dedicated work in the areas I worked in. I noticed that a lot of the loads from our brokers were coming from NT, so I decided to try working with them. Now we work only with them, 100 percent. Because they give us dedicated work, they are keeping us busy with guaranteed loads every single day. There are no problems with payments – we have never had any loads that haven’t gotten paid. We have a real trust relationship. They throw me the loads and trust that whatever they give me, I will knock it out. I’ve never left them hanging, and they have helped me out with an advance payment when I needed it and even helped me finance trailers that I needed to buy. They always have my back when there’s an issue. Working with NT, I feel like I am in a secure place, and that takes a lot of pressure off me. They have helped me grow my business, and I appreciate what they are offering me. It’s not something most brokers would. I’m grateful for it.”

Javier Saenz, Saenz and Sons

Scale your business with confidence.

“We’re passionate about seeing our customers win.” – Lynn Gravley