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Refrigerated Transport Services

Network optimization for efficient fresh and frozen food distribution

Since the first refrigerated shipment that launched our business back in 1999, NT Logistics has set the industry pace for on-time delivery and least-landed cost in the distribution of temperature-controlled, short-shelf life, consumer packaged goods.

Today, we skillfully manage the refrigerated transport needs for multiple major food manufacturers as a dedicated outbound supply chain resource. We apply our problem-solving expertise to help fresh and frozen food suppliers move their products on-demand, from coast to coast.

With every job, your shelf life or code commitments become our personal commitment. We serve as an extension of your logistics team, working to minimize dock-to-dock delivery time so your products are received when you say they will be. A member of the Refrigerated Foods Association, NT Logistics strives to help our customers meet all quality-control standards for food safety.

Whether you need occasional extra support for your own distribution operation or wish to outsource your entire distribution and logistics function, you will enjoy the following from NT Logistics and our refrigerated transport services:

  • Nationwide distribution capability to all major grocery and club retailers
  • Innovative, cost-saving logistics strategies
  • Network optimization strategies
  • Cutting-edge shipment tracking technology
  • Accurate cost and time estimates
  • Commitment to complete customer satisfaction backed by decades of specialized refrigerated distribution experience

Load Optimization for Maximum Efficiency

As part of our refrigerated transport services, we carefully balance costs and product shelf life requirements, then optimize every load for maximum efficiency and the lowest possible transportation expense.  Least-landed cost metrics, whether cost per case or cost per pound, are measured and tracked along with on-time delivery metrics. Creatively combining LTL (less than truckload) loads into multi-stop shipments is one tool we utilize in order to maximize truck weights whenever possible to create the most economical distribution strategy for each shipment.

Online Shipment Tracking & Tracing

With 24/7 communication and online shipment tracking and tracing, clients can log into their own multifunctional web portal to see where their perishable products are in the supply chain and verify proof of delivery. By staying a step ahead of any distribution issues, our clients can improve their communications and relationships with their own customers. We have found these lead to better manufacturer – supplier relationships across the spectrum.

Drawing on our experience, knowledge, and technology, we coordinate chilled and frozen deliveries from manufacturers to every major grocery retail and wholesale club distribution center in the United States, including weekly deliveries for the largest grocery retailers in the country.

Deploying a national distribution network of both large and small refrigerated carriers – integrated with refrigerated intermodal transport as needed – NT Logistics has the flexibility to cost-effectively fulfill virtually any food distribution need, quickly and efficiently.

“I first brought in Lynn Gravley of NT Logistics when I was running a large public company that had 13 location distributing all over the United States, and every location had a different provider or solution. Our costs were out of line, our service record was spotty to poor, and we didn’t have a single point of coordination. I asked Lynn to come in and study the situation and come up with a recommendation for us. Over the next two years, we were able to combine 13 customer service locations to two and ultimately one. In two years, we literally saved $8 million in freight expense for our $600 million company – about a million dollars a quarter by taking out inefficiencies. Every time we have brought NT Logistics into a new situation, we have always saved money. Our customer service record goes up and our internal operations begin to run smoother. Every single time. It’s an amazing track record. NT Logistics gets overall rates that allow midsize to smaller companies to compete with very large national and international companies. They guarantee their carriers so the trucks are always available. Instead of dealing with multiple freight brokers, we get just one bill, which improves cash flow. And they have a world-class database and technology to provide audit support or resolve billing disputes. When you hire NT Logistics, they become an extension of your customer service department. They are literally some of the best folks in the industry.”

Bing Graffunder, Former President, Morningstar Foods

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NT Logistics provides solutions by arranging refrigerated trucking capacity across the nation.

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