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Chicken Wednesday

Tradition, fellowship, and fun!

When NT Logistics was in its infancy, we all worked long hours, which usually meant working through lunch. Around noon each day, Darlene or Elaine would exclaim, “I am starving! What are we having for lunch today?” As members of a very small company, we would each pitch in a few bucks and someone would go fetch what we all decided to have for lunch. At least once a week, Bob would request fried chicken. This seemed to happen most frequently on Wednesdays. Eventually it seemed that each Wednesday when the “I am starving!” cry was heard, the response would always be “It’s Chicken Wednesday!” We would each chip in our share and Elaine was dispatched to go get chicken for the troops.

As NT Logistics grew, and still continues to grow, each and every Wednesday is now officially “Chicken Wednesday”. We have fried chicken catered in at no cost to our largest asset – our people. Without them, we would not be able to provide the superior service to our customers that sets us apart from the rest of the industry.

We also routinely invite customers and friends over on Wednesdays to share in our lunchtime ritual. The famous “Chicken Wednesday” shirts, which feature the “Top Ten Reasons to be Associated with NT Logistics,” are given to all of our guests. Of course, the number one reason listed is “Chicken Wednesday.”

We hope that you’ll join us for Chicken Wednesday sometime soon!

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