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Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Helping you save time, money, and trouble.

Looking for help with logistics and supply chain management? Tap into our experienced industry professionals, national buying power and custom technology to reduce transportation costs and improve customer service.

With NT Logistics, you will enjoy:

  • Decreased transportation and logistics costs
  • Optimized truck routes and capacity
  • Increased visibility through Web-based reports

With measurable value delivered:

  • Freight cost analysis and reduction
  • Your network optimized
  • Accurate cost-to-service

Backed by mode-neutral capacity:

  • 10,000+ carriers
  • Access to 65,000+ rail-owned containers
  • LTL, FTL, reefer, and flatbed

Improve your shipping operations.

3PL Logistics Company - NT Logistics

Logistics Leader

NT Logistics is a recognized national leader in third-party logistics and supply chain management. Arranging distribution is our sole focus. We know the business inside out. And we’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done for you. Whether you’re looking to source one load per week, improve your own operations or outsource your entire distribution function, go where you’ll get the greatest value for your money.

Experience. Commitment. Success.

Our people are dedicated to finding new processes, technologies and strategies to save time and money while improving service. We work seamlessly with your organization by providing optimal logistics solutions, staying in constant contact, and sharing our expertise.

“NT Logistics has been willing to work with us consistently for local deliveries within the DFW metroplex. Other logistics companies are trying to chase $10 here or $20 there by moving business around, or they don’t have consistent business all the time. That hasn’t been the case with NT. I have dealt with the same person at NT for about five years, and the process is consistent and easy. It makes it easy for me to plan things and for NT to get things covered. They don’t even have to call or email me, they just text me to ask if we can do it, and we do it. It doesn’t need to be complicated. NT works the way we like to work, and nobody else has managed to be consistent in the same way. I like the predictability because we know what to expect going in. If there is a problem, I know it gets taken care of. If there are wait time fees, for example, there is no runaround. NT stands by the carrier and gets it taken care of without a big headache. They go to bat for us.”

Jon Tim, Timco LLC

Scale your business with confidence.

“We’re passionate about seeing our customers win.” – Lynn Gravley