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Freight Brokerage Solutions

Sourcing the Best Rates and Methods to Supplement Your Needs

Challenged by capacity issues? Need additional resources during peak seasons? Look to NT Logistics’ freight brokerage solutions to arrange your transportation needs. When the need arises, we are adept at finding the best rates and methods for spot-market distribution of peak, infrequent or special loads.

Thousands of carriers under contract

Nationwide coverage

Dry vans, refrigeration, flatbeds, and intermodal

Thanks to our 20+ year relationships with a broad base of contracted carriers and over a billion dollars in transportation spend, we can arrange virtually limitless capacity at the most advantageous rates.

NT’s freight brokerage services – coupled with our proprietary technology – help improve service levels and transportation awareness. The upshot? Greater satisfaction resulting from decreased shipping costs, and more responsive delivery to your end customers.

What to Expect

Regardless of shipment size or product type, our professionals apply their expertise and sophisticated technology to optimize YOUR network – including inbound, outbound and reverse logistics.

  • We’ll work with you to customize summary billing and management reports to your business needs.
  • We audit and reconcile all receipts and charges.
  • There’s no modifying your systems or disrupting processes –– our advanced technology makes data transfer and storage flexible and accessible across multiple platforms.

While our technology is clearly cutting-edge, our people and teamwork truly make the difference. NT’s brokerage professionals have the passion and experience to facilitate the optimal transportation solution for your situation.

Freight Brokerage Solutions

Arranged transportation options:

  • Truckload
  • LTL
  • Container
  • Refrigerated
  • Rail
  • Flatbed
  • Consolidation

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“With more than 300 customers across and outside of the U.S., inbound and outbound shipping is a big part of what we do. We are always trying to make sure we are not overspending, and that we get goods to our customers on time and get the goods we need on time as well. NT Logistics can give us all the services we need to do that, with all the value adds necessary. The people at NT are really quick. We give information, and then lightning fast, they get back to us, and we are good to go. It makes it so much easier. NT Logistics is truly turnkey, which eliminates the need to shop around for good rates or good service. NT does that job for you. NT can give us competitive prices, The breadth and depth of NT Logistics’ network in supply chain puts them in position to give us competitive prices, and that is a stand-out feature. They also take care of some of the paperwork and overhead that we have to deal with, so that is an added value.”

Balaji Jayakumar, Chief Operating Officer, Max Q

Scale your business with confidence.

“We’re passionate about seeing our customers win.” – Lynn Gravley