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Intermodal Transportation Services

A tremendous complement to highway transportation

NT Logistics’ intermodal transportation services provide a flexible and cost-effective option that can be a tremendous complement to highway transportation. Our secure, cost-effective rail transportation is backed by the peace-of-mind and personalized service that has been the hallmark of NT’s approach for more than two decades.

Highlights of our Intermodal Solutions:

  • Access to over 65,000 rail-owned containers
  • Strong relationships with all rail providers
  • Nationwide drayage capacity
  • Monitored 24/7 security for all shipments
  • On-time performance tracking

Sample Cost Savings:

The right intermodal transport solution can cut logistics and transportation rates by as much as 30%. A few examples of cost savings realized by our customers:

  • A savings of $1,000 per load over the cost of a truckload rate from Maryland to California
  • A savings of $970 per load for refrigerated intermodal from Chicago to California

Contact us today to discuss how an intermodal solution might be a fit for your business and budget.

“We decided to consolidate to NT Logistics for two reasons: The overall service and the analytics. NT is always going the extra mile, always willing to say yes, regardless of requisition or requirement. Also, we needed good, sophisticated systems and processes for tracking all our data, and NT had them. That gave us much more visibility into what our costs were, and that enabled us to be more competitive with bidding on different levels of the business. We also gained more visibility to consolidate loads and act on information that we had never been aware of in the past, and that drove our distribution costs down. I can’t say enough about Lynn, Chris, Bob and their personal commitment to doing whatever it takes to make the business successful, and letting the dollars and cents take care of themselves. It’s not just a transactional relationship. They were willing to do extraordinary things, sometimes at their cost, because that is what the relationship required. It starts with taking care of each other, sharing information, and operating in a way where we felt like we were an extended part of their team. We hope they felt we were an extended part of their team, too.”

Bob Charleston

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“We’re passionate about seeing our customers win.” – Lynn Gravley