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Second Quarter Carrier Award Goes to Southern Refrigerated – Dedicated Group

FRISCO, TX. (August 2016) – Over the past 17 years, our people at NT Logistics have dedicated their time and energy to providing excellent and dependable customer service.  Working with incredible carriers, who reflect this same commitment for quality service, adds tremendous value to NT Logistics.  We love honoring our incredible carriers for their great service and excellent professionalism they show every day.  It is our pleasure to present this Second Quarter Carrier Award to Southern Refrigerated Transport from our Dedicated Division.    

Southern Refrigerated Transport, located in Texarkana, Arkansas, has added incredible value to our Dedicated Division with their dependability and professionalism.  They consistently exceed all expectations no matter what and are well deserving of this award.  Bob Pope, Vice President of Operations commented, “Southern Refrigerated constantly impresses us with their efforts to deliver impeccable and efficient service each and every day.”  He continued to say, “It is great working with carriers like Southern Refrigerated because we know we can always depend on them, which is something that is very important to us.” 

Thank you to everyone at Southern Refrigerated Transport for your excellent service and dependability.  You are greatly appreciated and we look forward to continuing our valuable working relationship.

News 8.25.16From left to right:

Duane Durham – VP Operations, Southern Refrigerated

Scott Treadway – Customer Service Representative, Southern Refrigerated

Rodney Danley – National Sales Representative, Southern Refrigerated

Bob Pope – VP Operations, NT Logistics

Justin Smith – Chief Operating Officer, Southern Refrigerated

Bruce Ferguson – VP Sales, Southern Refrigerated