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2018 Highway Hero Awards

The new year is quickly approaching and, as we reflect on the past year, we are reminded here at NT Logistics how truly blessed we are. We not only have dedicated team members working in our offices, but we are also genuinely fortunate to have carriers that work closely with our team members to ensure amazing customer satisfaction. Paramount in this equation is the great service provided by the actual drivers of these great carriers.  NT Logistics believes transportation companies, particularly drivers, constitute the backbone of our economy.  The drivers that deliver our customers goods are among some of the hardest working Americans in our country today. These great folks have one of the toughest jobs in our country.

We have been very fortunate to work alongside many hardworking, driven, and responsible drivers who go above and beyond what is expected of them each day.  The backbone of these great carriers are the many drivers that work hard and are away from family for long periods of time.  Having so many drivers carryout exceptional performances, we decided it was time to give these folks the recognition they deserve. In the past, it has been our pleasure to honor the many carriers that serve our customers. This year we will do something a bit different; with the start of the new year, we will spotlight the actual drivers that work each day to deliver the goods of our mutual customers.

It is with great pleasure that, beginning in January of 2018, we will highlight many of the actual drivers themselves.  As we highlight two different drivers every month, it is our hope that this spotlight will honor each of the exemplary drivers and share the personal side of these great contributors to our economy.

So, in the coming New Year, look for the announcement on NT Logistics’ Facebook page. From there, we will be posting links to each article on NT Logistics’ website, as well as on other social media sites, where you can view the full article over each driver being recognized.  We are very excited to share the stories of the men and women that deliver on behalf of NT Logistics and provide them the acknowledgement they truly deserve. Keep track of NT Logistics’ Facebook page in 2018 to see if you, or a driver you know, receives our Highway Hero Award!

Our first Highway Hero award goes to Michael Grimard Sr. of Grimard Trucking!

Our second Highway Hero award goes to Brian Johnson of PJZ Transport Corp!

Our third Highway Hero award goes to Josh Morgan of JL Trucking & Hotshot Services!

Our forth Highway Hero award goes to Dennis Lasswell of ML Seibert & Family Trucking!

Our fifth Highway Hero award goes to Jimmie Miller of Milfam Transport!

Our sixth Highway Hero award goes to Eisenhower Antoine of Erant Trucking LLC

Our seventh Highway Hero award goes to James Regenauer of Gehrke Trucking, Inc!

Our eighth Highway Hero award goes to Martin Schafer Sr. of Schafer’s Trucking LLC!

Our ninth Highway Hero award goes to Steve Bearden of Green Country Trucking LLC!

Our tenth Highway Hero award goes to Oumar Diané of Basic Trucking, LLC!

Our eleventh Highway Hero award goes to Lorne Smith of Lorne Smith, Inc!

Our twelfth Highway Hero award goes to Mike Seibert of ML Seibert & Family Trucking!

Our thirteenth Highway Hero award goes to Tommy Valvo with Marten Fleet Trucking!

Our fourteenth Highway Hero award goes to Kevin Cahall!!