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“Safety is No Accident!”

March 2017

Jan Pope, Vice President and General Manager, Brokerage Division 

Jan just recently returned from a carrier meeting in which she was asked to share details around a safety initiative.   She did such an awesome job and her topic was so well received I asked if she would elaborate and publish her thoughts for our March Blog.  LG

At NT Logistics, safety is paramount to our operations, starting with our internal team and reaching all the way to each and every one of our carriers.   Our friends and loved ones drive on the same roads as our carriers each day.   We continuously remind our carriers that in order for us to collectively move forward, we must all be 100% on board with safety when driving on the our nations roadways.  Safety is also of paramount concern while loading at our shippers or delivering to our receivers.  I must admit, we work with some great carriers who welcome the increased spotlight on safety to ensure the safety of themselves, our customers, and all our loved ones who are on the road with them.

We were recently requested to speak at one of our customer-carrier meetings to discuss NT Logistics’ ongoing safety initiative, directed at our entire team.  We are soon to enter a new era in the Transportation industry, so it was beneficial to ensure we are on the same page with our carriers and customers.  The ELD mandate starting December 2017 seems to be first and foremost in everyone’s mind.  We have been diligently communicating with our dedicated carriers regarding their ELD implementation plans and assisting them with options so they will be compliant and experience no delays in the shipping process.

In addition to ensuring our entire team and carriers are compliant with the federally mandated regulations, we have also started a new program at NT Logistics: “Safety is No Accident!”  This program will benefit our entire NT Logistics team, our valuable carriers, and our great customers.

Our “Safety is no Accident!” program includes us supplying orange, NT Logistics branded safety vests, eye wear and hard hats to all of our dedicated carriers.  When our drivers are onsite at any of our customers’ facilities, they are asked to wear this safety gear.  When they arrive at our customer’s docks, we want it apparent, by actions as well as attire, that safety is very important.  Our customers and employees will also receive some vests in order to be a part of the “Safety is No Accident!” movement!

Listed below are just a few safety rules, all currently mandated by various regulations, yet ones we are mindful towards and share with our carriers:

  1. Inspect and maintain your equipment daily (Trucks and Trailers).
  2. When entering any customer’s location SLOW DOWN, be aware of your surroundings, and always wear your safety vest.
  3. Never use any electronic device or cell phone when driving.
  4. Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.
  5. Never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  6. Always follow the legal speed limit.

In an effort to keep our internal team well acquainted with the safety procedures required of our carriers, we will soon invite some of our dedicated carriers to our Frisco office to demonstrate their daily pre-trip inspections as well as many other safety practices they follow each day.  This is a great opportunity for all to better understand the process and diligence required to ensure the safety of everyone.  Our team will be able to see the mandated safety inspection that drivers execute each day and drivers will enjoy demonstrating this task– it’s a win-win for everybody!

Safety must be a constant thought in our industry and we are pleased to continually advocate for more awareness and education in order for our employees and carriers to do their part. Doing each of our tasks with safety at the top of our list should be a never ending process, especially in transportation.  It’s our responsibility to go above and beyond and do our part to push for safety for our customers, our carriers, and everyone on the road and at the docks by being aware and ensuring the safety of all!   Safety is no Accident!