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The Road to Becoming a Preferred Shipper

July 2016

The transportation industry has experienced many significant changes in the past 20 years.  With tighter federal regulations and the increasing driver shortage, the need for efficiency, profitability, and capacity is at its peak!  How can we meet this need?  The circulating solution is for shippers to adjust operations to become a Preferred Shipper. 

What does it mean to be a “preferred shipper” and why is it important?  Is there a benefit to being a preferred shipper?  What would that look like?  These are all valid questions that are relevant in today’s transportation industry. 

blog7.12.16This whitepaper addresses the following questions

   • Why is it important for you to be a preferred shipper?

  • What if you decide not to identify as a preferred shipper?

  • What should you do to become a shipper of choice?


Check out The Road to Becoming a Preferred Shipper and find out how we can work together to resolve the problems that surround our industry.