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NT Logistics Web Portals

NT Logistics delivers real value by tracking every load, every turn, every mile.

Our Web Portals are innovative online applications that provide real-time visibility into shipments for better decision-making. They allow Clients, Factoring Companies, Carriers and NT Logistics account representatives to view and track detailed load information.

Here’s how you benefit:

Client Analytics Portal

  • View and Interact with multiple Innovative and Informative Performance Metrics Dashboards
  • Track and Monitor Shipments
  • Image Retrieval
  • Account Administration

Client Legacy Portal

  • Track and Monitor Shipments
  • Image Retrieval

Factoring Company & Carrier Portal

  • Check Payment Status / Dates 
  • Factoring Company single-sign on for all represented carriers
  • Submit Load Documentation
  • Export Load Information
  • Account Administration