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Honoring our Carriers

Since our beginning, it has always been a pleasure for NT Logistics to recognize the dedication and commitment from the many great carriers that play such a vital role in our company’s impeccable service levels.  The great service, commitment, and dedication of our carriers are prevalent throughout our business.  It is a pleasure to recognize extraordinary providers with Carrier Awards. 

On Friday, March 11th, we personally delivered our first award to GTB Transport in Amity, AR.  Jan Pope, VP and General Manager of our Brokerage Division, presented the award to Tommy Bean,

President at GTB Transport.  Tommy and his company embody excellent customer service with their swift response time, great work ethic, and commitment to delivering incredible service.  Ms. Pope explained, “For us at NT Logistics, it’s all about providing customer service and GTB follows the same philosophy.” 

We are honored to work with such a great carrier.  We look forward to honoring more of our excellent carriers in the near future.


Tommy Bean and Jan Pope

Another Valued Employee earns CTB Designation through TIA®

Last week, another valued team member of NT Logistics, Shaunda Jenkins, earned her CTB certification. Her dedication and hard work toward this exam is exemplary of her every day performance at NT.

The Transportation Intermediaries Association hosts this exam every quarter. The CTB certification is a distinguished certification that communicates excellence and proficiency in the transportation industry. Mr. Robert Voltmann, President and CEO of TIA®, defined the CTB Designation as, “…the highest professional certification that exists for freight brokers and is a mark of respect recognized throughout the 3PL community.”

Congratulations to Shaunda on this incredible accomplishment! She is just one out of our many valued team members here at NT. We are so proud and honored to have Shaunda as a part of our team.