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Intermodal Solutions

NT Logistics’ Intermodal solutions provide a flexible and cost-effective option that can be an ideal complement to truck-only transportation. Our secure, cost-effective rail transportation is backed by the peace-of-mind and personalized service that has been the hallmark of NT’s approach for more than a decade.

Highlights of our Intermodal Solutions:

  • Access to over 65,000 rail-owned containers
  • Strong relationships with all rail providers
  • Nationwide drayage capacity
  • Monitored 24/7 security for all shipments
  • On-time performance tracking

Sample Cost Savings:

The right intermodal transport solution can cut logistics and transportation rates by as much as 30%. A few examples of cost savings realized by our customers:

  • A savings of $1000 weekly per load over truck rates for a Maryland customer making shipments to California
  • A savings of $970 per load for a Chicago customer on shipping refrigerated freight to California

Contact us today to discuss how an intermodal solution might be a fit for your business and budget.