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People, Scale and a Technology Focus

NT connects you to the best of all worlds: our experienced industry professionals, national buying power and custom technology. You can leverage our technology to benefit your supply chain at a fraction of building and maintaining these capabilities in-house.

Arranging transportation is our core competency. It’s all we do. Our people are dedicated to finding new processes, technologies and strategies to save time and money while improving service. We work seamlessly with your organization by providing optimal solutions, staying in constant contact and sharing our expertise.

The complexity of the logistics industry requires a clear understanding of each individual function, which our employees have gained while working in all areas of the transportation business. That expertise allows us to work hand-in-hand with our clients’ staffs to efficiently distribute any type of product.

A Competitive Edge through Economies of Scale

NT Logistics can produce savings for every client regardless of size – from multibillion dollar corporations to small niche organizations. We facilitate access to equipment, rates and technology that are only available to very large-scale shippers.

In 2007 NT Logistics:

  • Will arrange more than 1,600 truckloads per week,
  • Work with over 300 customers nationwide,
  • Has contracted rates on more than 750 lanes within the United States and Canada, and
  • Will facilitate the movement of 2.15 billion pounds on more than 31,000 trucks.

Since 1999, NT Logistics has:

  • Spent nearly a half-billion dollars arranging the movement of freight,
  • Paid carriers in arranging the movement of product 360 million miles,
  • Orchestrated the transportation of approximately 1.4 million cases of our clients’ merchandise, totaling nearly 20 billion pounds, across the country, and
  • Arranged more than 466,216 trucks.

Proprietary Software Saves Money, Boosts Efficiency

Our custom applications streamline the data flow among shippers, consignees and carriers:

  • Dynamic Routing & Optimization Application – Saves money by maximizing capacity and eliminating route miles.
  • Online Shipment Tracking – Enables shippers, consignees, carriers, truck dispatchers and our team members to view and track detailed load information.
  • Delivery Optimization – Collects and analyzes appointment and delivery information to report and chart on-time performance; aids in managing and increasing on-time deliveries over time.
  • Document Imaging With Online Retrieval – Provides online visibility to parties involved with shipments of important documents that have been audited, digitally imaged and cataloged.
  • Electronic Load Tendering – Efficiently integrates order and load data between systems utilizing EDI or XML technologies for each client.

Even with the latest technology, know that if it all disappeared tomorrow, our people could still get the job done without missing a beat.