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Third Quarter Carrier Award Goes to Loadshark Enterprises Corp. – Brokerage Group

FRISCO, TX. (September 2016) – NT Logistics truly enjoys honoring the core values that are reflected in our carriers – hard work, commitment, and excellent service.  We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers and therefore, seek to work with carriers who strive toward the same level of excellence.  When we see our carriers exceed all expectations and reflect our standard of excellence and dedication, we want to recognize them for their hard work.   

We are pleased to honor one carrier in specific for always going above and beyond the expectations that are set for them.  Loadshark Enterprises Corp is well deserving of this Third Quarter Carrier Award, presented by our Brokerage Group.  Located in Manvel, Texas, Loadshark maintains the same standard of professionalism and service as NT Logistics; our Brokerage Group has greatly benefited from this relationship.  This award was presented to Mr. Mike Morales, who is always willing to do what is needed in order to complete the job.  His commitment to excellent service and dedication wonderfully reflects that of NT.

Jan Pope, VP and General Manager of our Brokerage Group, expressed how pleased she was to honor Mr. Morales and Loadshark.  “Loadshark has added incredible value to our Brokerage Department.  Mike is someone we can always depend on, no matter what.”  She continued to say, “His dedication is a wonderful reflection of both of our companies and this award is our way of acknowledging the commitment we see every day.”   

Thank you again to Mr. Morales and Loadshark Enterprises for continuously exceeding all expectations and for adding incredible value to NT Logistics.

Second Quarter Carrier Award Goes to Southern Refrigerated – Dedicated Group

FRISCO, TX. (August 2016) – Over the past 17 years, our people at NT Logistics have dedicated their time and energy to providing excellent and dependable customer service.  Working with incredible carriers, who reflect this same commitment for quality service, adds tremendous value to NT Logistics.  We love honoring our incredible carriers for their great service and excellent professionalism they show every day.  It is our pleasure to present this Second Quarter Carrier Award to Southern Refrigerated Transport from our Dedicated Division.    

Southern Refrigerated Transport, located in Texarkana, Arkansas, has added incredible value to our Dedicated Division with their dependability and professionalism.  They consistently exceed all expectations no matter what and are well deserving of this award.  Bob Pope, Vice President of Operations commented, “Southern Refrigerated constantly impresses us with their efforts to deliver impeccable and efficient service each and every day.”  He continued to say, “It is great working with carriers like Southern Refrigerated because we know we can always depend on them, which is something that is very important to us.” 

Thank you to everyone at Southern Refrigerated Transport for your excellent service and dependability.  You are greatly appreciated and we look forward to continuing our valuable working relationship.

News 8.25.16From left to right:

Duane Durham – VP Operations, Southern Refrigerated

Scott Treadway – Customer Service Representative, Southern Refrigerated

Rodney Danley – National Sales Representative, Southern Refrigerated

Bob Pope – VP Operations, NT Logistics

Justin Smith – Chief Operating Officer, Southern Refrigerated

Bruce Ferguson – VP Sales, Southern Refrigerated



Second Quarter Carrier Award Goes to MS Freight – Brokerage Group

FRISCO, TX. (June 2016) – Throughout our 17 years of business, NT Logistics has always believed in the importance of recognizing hard work and customer service.  We work with many incredible carriers, who uphold the same level of service as we do.  We therefore want to honor those carriers who exceed the expectations that were set for them. 

We are pleased to recognize the dedication and reliability MS Freight Co has shown for NT.  Our Brokerage department has truly benefited from the mutual relationship we share with this great carrier.  Their dedication to service reflects that of NT Logistics and we are excited to honor MS Freight with this award.  This award was presented to Chuck Scallions, Operations Manager for MS Freight located in Grenada, Mississippi. 

Tedra Bilby, Customer Account Manager for NT Logistics Brokerage Division, attests to the hard work of Mr. Scallions’ team of drivers saying, “Chuck is someone we can always call and know that our needs will be met in a timely and professional manner.”  She went on to say, “He and his drivers always go above and beyond and this award is our way of tangibly recognizing the hard work and commitment we witness every day.”  MS Freight embodies the impeccable service we consistently strive for and they have proven to be a valuable asset to our team.     

Thank you again to Mr. Scallions and his great team of drivers at MS Freight.  We look forward to continuing our valuable working relationship with MS Freight.

NT Logistics Acquires Certain Assets of Anchor Freight LLC.

March 31, 2016 (Frisco, TX.) – NT Logistics, headquartered in Frisco, Texas, announced today the acquisition of certain assets of Anchor Freight LLC located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  NT Logistics Inc., a leading 3PL founded in 1999, serves many customers in the Consumer Package Goods arena.  NT Logistics, with their dedicated sector, Refrigerated & Frozen Foods group, and large Brokerage Division, is pleased to expand their industry presence with their newly created Specialized Division.  Anchor Freight, with its core competency in heavy haul, flatbed, and specialized transportation, is a premier provider to the construction, oilfield, and rental equipment industries.

Lynn Gravley, President and CEO of NT Logistics, stated, “This new partnership will allow us to expand our network and enable us to leverage our technology and services for a greater variety of customers.  I am pleased to add Sheri Garrett’s talent and skills, as well as the expertise of her organization, to the NT Logistics’ team.”  He further stated, “Having known Sheri for the last 8 years made NT Logistics’ decision to integrate with her and her amazing team, an easy one.”  

Anchor Freight’s core strengths complement those of NT Logistics.  Both organizations are fortunate to have deeply committed, professional team members representing the two companies.  These talented individuals consistently exceed the high standard of customer service NT and Anchor set for their organizations.  NT Logistics is pleased to add these dedicated professionals to their team of industry experts. 

Sheri Garrett, who assumes the role of Vice President of the new NT Logistics Specialized Division, stated, “We are extremely excited about this new opportunity and the value it will add to our existing customers.”  Mr. Gravley added, “The array of talent at NT, combined with the proprietary technology and the new Specialized Division, will accelerate our ability and capacity to serve the great customers of our combined companies.”

Honoring our Carriers

Since our beginning, it has always been a pleasure for NT Logistics to recognize the dedication and commitment from the many great carriers that play such a vital role in our company’s impeccable service levels.  The great service, commitment, and dedication of our carriers are prevalent throughout our business.  It is a pleasure to recognize extraordinary providers with Carrier Awards. 

On Friday, March 11th, we personally delivered our first award to GTB Transport in Amity, AR.  Jan Pope, VP and General Manager of our Brokerage Division, presented the award to Tommy Bean,

President at GTB Transport.  Tommy and his company embody excellent customer service with their swift response time, great work ethic, and commitment to delivering incredible service.  Ms. Pope explained, “For us at NT Logistics, it’s all about providing customer service and GTB follows the same philosophy.” 

We are honored to work with such a great carrier.  We look forward to honoring more of our excellent carriers in the near future.


Tommy Bean and Jan Pope

Another Valued Employee earns CTB Designation through TIA®

Last week, another valued team member of NT Logistics, Shaunda Jenkins, earned her CTB certification. Her dedication and hard work toward this exam is exemplary of her every day performance at NT.

The Transportation Intermediaries Association hosts this exam every quarter. The CTB certification is a distinguished certification that communicates excellence and proficiency in the transportation industry. Mr. Robert Voltmann, President and CEO of TIA®, defined the CTB Designation as, “…the highest professional certification that exists for freight brokers and is a mark of respect recognized throughout the 3PL community.”

Congratulations to Shaunda on this incredible accomplishment! She is just one out of our many valued team members here at NT. We are so proud and honored to have Shaunda as a part of our team.

Third Consecutive Year NT Logistics Receives Customer Service of the Year Award!

FRISCO, Texas (February 19, 2016) – Albert Einstein once said, “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” Since the beginning, NT has strived to consistently and relentlessly add value to our customers. We are greatly honored to receive Nestlé Waters North America’s Customer Service of the Year Award for the Southwest Region for a third year in a row! Nestlé Waters North America is the nation’s largest bottled water company and has been a valued customer for over 10 years.

Jan Pope, Vice President and General Manager of NT Logistics’ Brokerage Division, accepted the award on behalf of our company at Nestlé’s Carrier Conference on Feb 18th in Atlanta, GA. Tony Davis, Nestlé Waters Southwest Regional Transportation Manager, presented this prestigious award, which signifies pristine customer service and continued commitment to excellence. Ms. Pope noted, “We are so honored to once again be recognized by Nestlé Waters North America. She added, “This award is a tangible representation of the hard work and dedication of our team at NT; we are so proud of everyone who has played a vital role in Nestlé’s growth and success. We hope to continue in our role of adding value and helping Nestlé succeed and grow in the years to come.”

From left to right: Tony Davis, Jan Pope, and Bob Pope.


NT Logistics Employee earns CTB Designation through TIA®

In early December of 2015, Sasha Figueroa, one of the many valued team members of NT Logistics completed her Certified Transportation Brokers (CTB) exam through TIA®. After much hard work and dedication, Sasha officially earned her CTB designation.

In the Transportation Intermediaries Association release, Robert Voltmann, President and CEO of TIA explained that, “The CTB allows brokers to differentiate themselves within the marketplace by demonstrating core competencies in three tested sections of: brokerage basics and basic business skills; contracts and pricing; and lastly the regulatory environment and legal issues. To complete the CTB Program, the participant must pass all three sections.” Mr. Voltmann described the value of the CTB designation as, “…the highest professional certification that exists for freight brokers and is a mark of respect recognized throughout the 3PL community.”

Congratulations to Sasha Figueroa, CTB on this great accomplishment! Ms. Figueroa is paving the way as two more of our valued team members are preparing for the next exam in March of this year. Jan Pope, General Manager of NT Logistics Brokerage Division was quoted “…I am so proud of Sasha and all the hard work required of her in order to earn this distinction, Sasha is truly a great example of the leadership that is cultivating in our organization”.    

To read the full release, Click here

Sticky Relationships: The Key to 3PL Success

In the December 2015 edition of The Logistics Journal, Lynn Gravley, CEO and President of NT Logistics, shared his knowledge about building lasting relationships with shippers in an ever changing environment. He explained, “Sticky relationships are critical for successful 3PL and brokerage businesses and can be developed using a variety of measures designed to add value for your customers.” Click here to read Lynn’s full article, published by the Transportation Intermediaries Association.

NT Logistics’ President and CEO Joins UNT Logistics Center Board of Directors

FRISCO, Texas (April 22, 2013) – NT Logistics, a leading transportation management and logistics service provider, announces that its founder, president and chief executive officer, Lynn Gravley, has joined the board of directors of the Center for Logistics Education and Research at the University of North Texas’s College of Business.

“As a graduate of the University of North Texas and an active member of the university’s Sigma Nu Alumni Association, I could not be more excited to accept this leadership role with an institution that gave me such a fantastic foundation on which to build my own career in logistics,” Gravley said. “UNT’s logistics program is among the finest in the world, and has been the fastest-growing program in the nation for the last eight years.”

UNT’s Center for Logistics Education and Research is ranked fifth in the world based on faculty publishing, and offers the seventh-largest undergraduate logistics program in the United States.

Mr. Gravley graduated from UNT in 1987 and quickly launched his transportation career by establishing North Texas Carrier Corp., a contract carrier. He went on to create NT Logistics in 1999 as a premier non-asset based transportation and third party logistics provider for top manufacturers throughout the United States.