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2018 Highway Hero Awards

The new year is quickly approaching and, as we reflect on the past year, we are reminded here at NT Logistics how truly blessed we are. We not only have dedicated team members working in our offices, but we are also genuinely fortunate to have carriers that work closely with our team members to ensure amazing customer satisfaction. Paramount in this equation is the great service provided by the actual drivers of these great carriers.  NT Logistics believes transportation companies, particularly drivers, constitute the backbone of our economy.  The drivers that deliver our customers goods are among some of the hardest working Americans in our country today. These great folks have one of the toughest jobs in our country.

We have been very fortunate to work alongside many hardworking, driven, and responsible drivers who go above and beyond what is expected of them each day.  The backbone of these great carriers are the many drivers that work hard and are away from family for long periods of time.  Having so many drivers carryout exceptional performances, we decided it was time to give these folks the recognition they deserve. In the past, it has been our pleasure to honor the many carriers that serve our customers. This year we will do something a bit different; with the start of the new year, we will spotlight the actual drivers that work each day to deliver the goods of our mutual customers.

It is with great pleasure that, beginning in January of 2018, we will highlight many of the actual drivers themselves.  As we highlight two different drivers every month, it is our hope that this spotlight will honor each of the exemplary drivers and share the personal side of these great contributors to our economy.

So, in the coming New Year, look for the announcement on NT Logistics’ Facebook page. From there, we will be posting links to each article on NT Logistics’ website, as well as on other social media sites, where you can view the full article over each driver being recognized.  We are very excited to share the stories of the men and women that deliver on behalf of NT Logistics and provide them the acknowledgement they truly deserve. Keep track of NT Logistics’ Facebook page in 2018 to see if you, or a driver you know, receives our Highway Hero Award!

Our first Highway Hero award goes to Michael Grimard Sr. of Grimard Trucking!

Our second Highway Hero award goes to Brian Johnson of PJZ Transport Corp!

Our third Highway Hero award goes to Josh Morgan of JL Trucking & Hotshot Services!

Our forth Highway Hero award goes to Dennis Lasswell of ML Seibert & Family Trucking!

Our fifth Highway Hero award goes to Jimmie Miller of Milfam Transport

Our sixth Highway Hero award goes to Eisenhower Antoine of Erant Trucking LLC

Our seventh Highway Hero award goes to James Regenauer of Gehrke Trucking, Inc.

Carrier Appreciation Awards: CPG Enterprises

FRISCO, TX. (July 27, 2017) NT Logistics Specialized group is pleased to present a Carrier Appreciation Award to CPG Enterprises of Orlando, Florida. Serving 48 states, CPG specializes in transporting construction materials on flatbeds as well as refrigerated or dry food products.

Sheri Garrett, vice president of NT Specialized services, presented the award to Malena Perez, operations manager of CPG.  Sheri commented on the great relationship that our two teams have developed over the last few years noting, “The flexibility and incredible responsiveness that CPG Enterprises exhibits each day for our mutual customers, coupled with tremendous communications and professionalism, are second to none.”


It is our privilege to recognize CPG Enterprises, who upholds the same commitment to exceptiona

l customer service that we do at NT Logistics.

Members of the CPG team pictured: Herica Gandara, Accounting , Malena Perez, Operations Manager, Nicole Paez, Accounting, Claudia Toro, Dispatch, Sonia Bastidas, Accounting, Carlos Paez, CEO and Carlos Daniel, Dispatch.














Carrier Appreciation Awards: Timco Trucking LLC

FRISCO, TX. (July 27, 2017)NT Logistics is proud to honor Timco Trucking LLC of Royce City, Texas with a Carrier Appreciation Award.  A valued partner within our Brokerage Division, Timco has provided exceptional service while going above and beyond when working with our dispatchers and customers. 


NT Logistics Operations Manager Tedra Bilby presented the honor stating, “It is with our deepest appreciation that we present this award to a most-deserving carrier and friend.”  She added, “It’s the dedication, service and hard work of carriers like Timco that enables us to deliver the highest levels of service and professionalism to our customers.”

Pictured are Timco’s Tara Edwards, John Edwards, Glenda Nash and Tim Nash, along with Tedra Bilby of NT Logistics.

Carrier Appreciation Awards: Marten Transport

Bob Pope VP Dedicated Operations presents award to Tim Nash, Executive VP Sales and Marketing, Marten Transport

FRISCO, TX. (June 26, 2017) – NT Logistics is pleased to recognize the dedication, service, and hard work of our carriers each and every day.  We understand that without them, the service we provide to our many customers would be impossible.  From time to time we like to honor the best of the best; carriers that go above and beyond the call of duty and exemplify the very best that our industry has to offer.  It is with that in mind that we are pleased to honor a select few carriers in particular who have added tremendous value to NT Logistics and our three divisions these past few months. NT is pleased to present this, the first of three Carrier Appreciation Awards to Marten Transport, Ltd.  of Mondovi, Wisconsin.

Marten Transport, within our Dedicated Division has dedicated a fleet of trucks to one of our customer locations. During this past year, a major transition occurred with this customer that offered this new opportunity.  Marten’s entire team exceeded the expectations for this transition with their streamlined implementation process, operational excellence, and attention to detail around the transition.  Bob Pope, Vice President of Dedicated Operations, comments, “Marten has made this transition a very smooth process for both us and our customer.  Their IT team worked diligently to set up and execute EDI on their end to further streamline the entire process.  In past 3 months alone, they have successfully hauled 744 loads for our customer – that’s huge!” 


NT Logistics Receives 7th Customer Service of the Year Award from Nestle Waters!!

FRISCO, Texas (April 6, 2017) – We are extremely thankful to receive our 7th Customer Service of the Year Award from Nestle Waters North America!  Nestle Waters has been an incredible customer for over 10 years and we are honored to work with them.  NT Logistics has strived to always deliver impeccable service to each and every one of our valuable customers.  Receiving an award for our relentless efforts is an honor as well as a goal to continuously exceed the standard of service our customers expect.  Thank you, Nestle Waters, for allowing us the opportunity to add value to you and your company each and every day!    

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Fourth Quarter Carrier Award Goes to H&V Logistics – Brokerage Group

FRISCO, TX. (December 2016) – Since our founding, NT Logistics has been dedicated to giving excellent service to our customers as well as recognizing the great service we receive from our carriers.  It is with pleasure that we recognize and honor H&V Logistics, our 4th Quarter Carrier Award Recipient from our Brokerage Group. 

Headquartered in Grand Prairie, Texas, H&V Logistics has added incredible value to NT Logistics.  This award was presented to Ms. Martha Chavez, Chief Operation Officer for H&V Logistics.  Ms. Chavez and her team consistently strive to go above and beyond the job requirements, which is a reflection of our service goals at NT Logistics. 

Keri McCain, Customer Account Manager for our Brokerage Division, explained that Martha is, “…very flexible in all situations, especially in a sudden change situation.”  As we all know, things can change in the matter of a second in the transportation industry, so working with someone who understands this and is willing to do what needs to be done is huge!  Jan Pope, Vice President and General Manager of our Brokerage Division commented, “Working with carriers and people like Martha who understand that the customer’s needs are paramount, no matter what, adds incredible value to our team.” 

Thank you to Martha Chavez and the entire H&V Logistics team for their efforts and great customer service.  They add incredible value to our Brokerage group and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with Martha and her entire team.  



Fourth Quarter Carrier Award Goes to R.B. Humphreys – Dedicated Group

FRISCO, TX. (December 2016) – NT Logistics is honored to work with so many valuable carriers!  Their hard work and commitment to excellent service mirrors the values of NT Logistics.  We truly enjoy recognizing these efforts and appreciating the dedication we see every day.  Our Dedicated Division is pleased to present their 4th Quarter Carrier Award to R.B. Humphreys. 

Headquartered in Rome, New York, R.B. Humphreys has proven to be a valuable part of NT’s success.  We appreciate their constant communication, on time deliveries, and incredible service to not only our team, but to our customers as well!  This award was presented to Wes Barber, Operations Manager for R.B. Humphreys. 

Bob Pope, Vice President of Operations for NT Logistics, stated, “R.B. Humphreys has provided incredible service since day 1.  We can always depend on them to deliver a shipment, on time and with excellent service.”  Wes Barber and R.B. Humphreys embody the impeccable service NT Logistics strives for. 

Thank you to Wes and his team at R.B. Humphreys for always exceeding the expectations and for adding incredible value to our NT Logistics Dedicated Team. 

Fourth Quarter Carrier Award Goes to Rugged Transport – NT Specialized Division

FRISCO, TX. (December 2016) – We are pleased to present our first Quarterly Carrier Award on behalf of our NT Specialized Division to Rugged Transport.  Moving specialized and over dimensional equipment takes expertise, knowledge, and the right talented drivers.  Our NT Specialized folks strive to meet the time requirements and needs of our customers, without compromising our service or the safety of everyone.  When we work with incredible carriers like Rugged Transport, we are confident that they will meet and exceed the expectations set before them.  It is with great pleasure that we award our first NT Specialized Fourth Quarter Carrier Award to Rugged Transport, LLC. 

Rugged, based out of Mulhall, Oklahoma has proven to be a valuable provider for NT Logistics.   Their dedication to quality service and safety as well as on-time service has added tremendous value to the NT Specialized team.  Scott Robinson with the NT Specialized Division stated, “We have been working with the group of folks at Rugged Transport for quite a while now and every time, they come through for our team.  Whether we’re given a day’s notice or an hour’s notice, they’re ready and available to deliver.”  Sheri Garret, Vice President of NT Specialized explained, “They reflect the type of service we value – quick, efficient, and professional.  They always come through, no matter what.” 

Thank you to Rugged Transport for adding incredible value to our NT Specialized team!    

Third Quarter Carrier Award Goes to Loadshark Enterprises Corp. – Brokerage Group

FRISCO, TX. (September 2016) – NT Logistics truly enjoys honoring the core values that are reflected in our carriers – hard work, commitment, and excellent service.  We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers and therefore, seek to work with carriers who strive toward the same level of excellence.  When we see our carriers exceed all expectations and reflect our standard of excellence and dedication, we want to recognize them for their hard work.   

We are pleased to honor one carrier in specific for always going above and beyond the expectations that are set for them.  Loadshark Enterprises Corp is well deserving of this Third Quarter Carrier Award, presented by our Brokerage Group.  Located in Manvel, Texas, Loadshark maintains the same standard of professionalism and service as NT Logistics; our Brokerage Group has greatly benefited from this relationship.  This award was presented to Mr. Mike Morales, who is always willing to do what is needed in order to complete the job.  His commitment to excellent service and dedication wonderfully reflects that of NT.

Jan Pope, VP and General Manager of our Brokerage Group, expressed how pleased she was to honor Mr. Morales and Loadshark.  “Loadshark has added incredible value to our Brokerage Department.  Mike is someone we can always depend on, no matter what.”  She continued to say, “His dedication is a wonderful reflection of both of our companies and this award is our way of acknowledging the commitment we see every day.”   

Thank you again to Mr. Morales and Loadshark Enterprises for continuously exceeding all expectations and for adding incredible value to NT Logistics.

Second Quarter Carrier Award Goes to Southern Refrigerated – Dedicated Group

FRISCO, TX. (August 2016) – Over the past 17 years, our people at NT Logistics have dedicated their time and energy to providing excellent and dependable customer service.  Working with incredible carriers, who reflect this same commitment for quality service, adds tremendous value to NT Logistics.  We love honoring our incredible carriers for their great service and excellent professionalism they show every day.  It is our pleasure to present this Second Quarter Carrier Award to Southern Refrigerated Transport from our Dedicated Division.    

Southern Refrigerated Transport, located in Texarkana, Arkansas, has added incredible value to our Dedicated Division with their dependability and professionalism.  They consistently exceed all expectations no matter what and are well deserving of this award.  Bob Pope, Vice President of Operations commented, “Southern Refrigerated constantly impresses us with their efforts to deliver impeccable and efficient service each and every day.”  He continued to say, “It is great working with carriers like Southern Refrigerated because we know we can always depend on them, which is something that is very important to us.” 

Thank you to everyone at Southern Refrigerated Transport for your excellent service and dependability.  You are greatly appreciated and we look forward to continuing our valuable working relationship.

News 8.25.16From left to right:

Duane Durham – VP Operations, Southern Refrigerated

Scott Treadway – Customer Service Representative, Southern Refrigerated

Rodney Danley – National Sales Representative, Southern Refrigerated

Bob Pope – VP Operations, NT Logistics

Justin Smith – Chief Operating Officer, Southern Refrigerated

Bruce Ferguson – VP Sales, Southern Refrigerated