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UNT 2018 Capstone Case Competition at NT Logistics

December 2018

The UNT Capstone students did not fail to impress NT Logistics with their innovative solutions this semester. In the past three years, NT Logistics has worked closely with Professor Brian Sauser and his UNT Capstone Logistics course in order to provide students with a realistic problem to stretch their problem-solving abilities and apply their acquired learnings to real-life supply chain scenarios. In the past, UNT students have been given similar projects with information provided by NT Logistics and are required to work in groups and come up with creative conclusions that provide the hypothetical company least landed cost while considering great delivery service to the end customer. There is not a simple correct answer, rather, the idea behind the project is for students to work together to consider various outcomes and discover the ultimate cost- effective resolution while considering the service requirements. Professor Brian Sauser states this about the Capstone course project “In order for our students to differentiate themselves in the employment market, they have to gain applied experiences in logistics.  With the dedicated support of Lynn Gravley and NT Logistics, our students gain not only applied experience, but sharpen key soft skills so they can stand tall in the market.” The projects are designed to provide students with real world situations in order to better prepare them for a career in logistics.

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