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UNT 2017 Capstone Case Competition at NT Logistics

May 2017

The UNT Students exceeded the expectation for the Capstone Case Study Project once again this semester!  As NT Logistics has done for the past two years, we provided the senior class with a project that resembled a realistic Supply Chain problem, which allowed them to fuse together textbook knowledge with critical and creative thinking to provide various solutions.   One student from this past semester told us, “This project and all the research involved has really helped me understand what a future logistics problem could look like and how to work in a group in order to achieve a common goal.”  These projects, including this past one, do not have “right” or “wrong” answers per say, but they do require the students to do substantial spreadsheet analysis and to think through and identify the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.  In other words, these projects are challenging, but they are designed to better prepare students when they are faced with a real life Supply Chain problem once they land their dream job!      

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