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Detaining Detention: The Source of Chronic Delays

August 2016

It is no secret that delays at both shippers and consignees is a huge issue, not only for carriers, but for shippers as well.  Initially, carriers seem to be the only ones who experience the abrupt consequences of delayed loading and unloading.  When their drivers must wait well over reasonable time frames at either end, only to receive insufficient compensation in comparison to the load they missed due to their delay, their frustrations continue to mount.  However, shippers and consignees also experience consequences from the detention epidemic in the form of financial penalties and poor reputation.  For the purpose of our article this month, let’s discuss delays on the shipping end.  When there is constant delay and congestion as well as a lack of communication at a shipper’s facility, many times a reputation develops that quickly spreads.  Invariably, this leads to Carriers’ hesitancy towards sending their valuable drivers to a shipper who will not respect their time or well-being.  In the midst of an ever increasing capacity shortage, the availability of trucks is quickly dissipating; shippers who do not actively concern themselves with timely loading will eventually find it difficult to secure trucks for their products.  It is a fact that delayed loading and detention are cultivating a lot of stress in our industry.  Many times a premium is contained in rates for shippers and consignees that fail to timely load or unload trucks.  Considering we are facing a massive capacity crunch, due to Hours of Service and ELD implementation, it is critical that shippers take an active role in resolving the chronic delays at their docks. 

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