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Second Quarter Carrier Award Goes to MS Freight – Brokerage Group

FRISCO, TX. (June 2016) – Throughout our 17 years of business, NT Logistics has always believed in the importance of recognizing hard work and customer service.  We work with many incredible carriers, who uphold the same level of service as we do.  We therefore want to honor those carriers who exceed the expectations that were set for them. 

We are pleased to recognize the dedication and reliability MS Freight Co has shown for NT.  Our Brokerage department has truly benefited from the mutual relationship we share with this great carrier.  Their dedication to service reflects that of NT Logistics and we are excited to honor MS Freight with this award.  This award was presented to Chuck Scallions, Operations Manager for MS Freight located in Grenada, Mississippi. 

Tedra Bilby, Customer Account Manager for NT Logistics Brokerage Division, attests to the hard work of Mr. Scallions’ team of drivers saying, “Chuck is someone we can always call and know that our needs will be met in a timely and professional manner.”  She went on to say, “He and his drivers always go above and beyond and this award is our way of tangibly recognizing the hard work and commitment we witness every day.”  MS Freight embodies the impeccable service we consistently strive for and they have proven to be a valuable asset to our team.     

Thank you again to Mr. Scallions and his great team of drivers at MS Freight.  We look forward to continuing our valuable working relationship with MS Freight.

The Road to Becoming a Preferred Shipper

July 2016

The transportation industry has experienced many significant changes in the past 20 years.  With tighter federal regulations and the increasing driver shortage, the need for efficiency, profitability, and capacity is at its peak!  How can we meet this need?  The circulating solution is for shippers to adjust operations to become a Preferred Shipper. 

What does it mean to be a “preferred shipper” and why is it important?  Is there a benefit to being a preferred shipper?  What would that look like?  These are all valid questions that are relevant in today’s transportation industry. 

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